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Present Projects

  Construction of Grade Separation Facility at Zero Point, Islamabad
Zero Point Interchange project was awarded to M/s. Maqbool Associates in mid of July, 2008. This interchange is design to facilitate the traffic flow mainly at Islamabad Highway, Kashmir Highway and Shahrah-e-Suharwardy.

Salient Features
Reinforced Concrete Piles (225 Nos. of 30m length) 6750 Rm
Prestressing of Girders 258 Nos.
Mechanically Stabilized  Earth Work 456 m
Formation of Embankment 528836Cm
Structural Concrete  19284 cm
No. of Elevated Structures/Bridges 8 Nos.
No. of Underpass 3 Nos.
Length of Reinforced Earth 500m approx.
Length of Girders 20~ 30m
Pedestrian Crossing 4 Nos. 
  Reconstruction/Rehabilitation of Roads at Landhi Industrial Area, Karachi
Project Description Total Work Value Major Scope of Work Owner Consulting
Project comprises Of Rehabilitation Of following Internal Roads In Landhi Industrial Area:
- Shahra-e-Landhi to Hussain Chowrangi
- Shahra-e-Landhi to Gul Ahmed Chowrangi - M.N. Textile to Mehran Highway
- Nakshbandi Industries/Sufi Textile to Mehran Highway
- Nakhsbandi Industry to Export Processing Zone office

Scheduled to be completed by Oct. 2009

250 (million)  - Scarification of Existing Pavement Structure
- Construction of New Pavement as per the Standard specification
- Construction of new improved drainage and sewerage disposal system
- Lightening system that can coop the local requirements
Lite Development Management Company Landhi Smk Associates

  Construction of Arterial Road from Hyderabad Bypass to Ghangra Mori
The project consists of Flyover being constructed over Mirpur Khas Road along with Arterial Road works from Hyderabad Bypass to Ghangra Mori on the Bank of Akram Wah Canal Road. Structure work consists of 1000mm dia Piles, Pile Caps, piers and Transoms. Pre-cast Girders to be launched over Pier Transom are complete along with piling works. Pier shafts, Transoms are in progress and are scheduled to be completed within a month time.

Salient Features
Reinforced Concrete Piles (100 Nos. of 20m length)  3450 Rm
Pre-Stessin Girders 70 Nos.
Retaining Wall 344 m
Formation of Embankment 140000 cm
Structural Concrete  15000 Cm
Total length of Flyover 750 m
Ramp A 180 m
Ramp B 180 m
Ramp C 180 m
Total Length of Road (Dual Carriage Way) 10 km
Width of Road (Each Carriage Way) 11 m
Drainage System Both Side
Electrification Street Lights


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